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The Young Astronaut Program provides content that is rich in the most recent technological domains, allowing children to learn, develop, and launch. Let’s take a look at what the programme has to offer.

Rocket Technology

• Intro to Rocket Science and Technology.
• Key Vocabulary of Rocketry.
• Fundamentals of Rocket Design.
• How does a Rocket Fly?
• Let’s Meet Some Rocket stars!


• What do we know so far?
• From Earth to Space
• What's out there in Space
• The concept of Universe
• Eyes to Observe the Universe
• Exploring the Universe
• Back to Earth to observe the night sky

Drone Technology

• Introduction to drones.
• History of Drones.
• Working mechanism of Drones.
• Components of Drones.
• Types of drones.
• Milestones of Drones.
• Micro drones and their application areas.

Satellite Technology

• Introduction - What are Satellites?
• Do we need Satellites?
• History - How and When?
• Applications - Why?
• Orbits - Introduction
• Types of Satellites
• Satellite Structure

Rover Technology

• Introduction to Rover Technology.
• Key Vocabulary of Space Robotics.
• Fundamentals of designing a Rover.
• How do we land a rover Rover on MARS.
• Let’s meet some Rover stars.
• How do we land a Rover on Mars.


Total session is of  8 hours.

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All sessions will be conducted online on the Google Meet platform.

The YAP program covers all the topics like Rocket Science, Satellite Technology, Drone Technology, Rover Technology, and Astronomy.

Yes, the program has refunds, if you are unsatisfied regarding the purchase, you can write to us at

Students in the age group of 12-18 are eligible to attend the course. Other space enthusiasts can contact us for special considerations.

Yes, financial aid is available for eligible candidates. For more details, you can write to us at


  • Basics of Key space Topics
  • In Depth understanding of current Space Trends
  • Live training from certified Space Educators
  • Assignments and Quizzes included
  • Doubt clearing sessions available
  • One on one career space counselling

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